Special Collections

36th Saint Louis Conference on Manuscript Studies

16–17 OCTOBER 2009


Père Marquette Gallery, DuBourg Hall, 2nd flr.

Registration and Breakfast – 8:00am

Opening Remarks – 8:50am

Session I – 9:00am

Visualizing the Crusades
Organizer: Maureen Quigley (Saint Louis University)

  • Virtual Pilgrimage in the Riccardiana Psalter
    Cathleen Fleck (Washington University, St. Louis)

  • Crusades Past and Present: Chronicles, Advice, and Romance at the Court of Philip VI of Valois
    Maureen Quigley (Saint Louis University)

  • A Dual Vision: Remembering the Crusades in a Baltimore Histoire d'Outremer
    Richard A. Leson (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)

Morning Break – 10:30am

Session II – 11:00am

Catena Commentary vs. Interlinear Gloss: Patterns of Transmission of Commentary Texts in the Middle Ages and Renaissance
Organizer: Frank T. Coulson (The Ohio State University)

  • From the Orléanais to Pistoia: The Survival of the Catena Commentary David T. Gura (The Ohio State University)

  • An Encyclopedia in the Margins: The Shift in the Commentary Tradition and the Decline in Platonic Studies at the End of the Twelfth Century
    Justin Stover (Harvard University)

  • The Catena Commentary and Its Renaissance Progeny
    Frank T. Coulson (The Ohio State University)

Luncheon – 12:30pm
Grand Hall, DuBourg Hall, 4th flr.

Session III – 2:00pm

Analysis and Scientific Representation in Medieval Manuscripts
Organizer: Nancy van Deusen (Claremont Graduate University)

  • Figurae and the Timaeus latinus: Representation and Communication
    Nancy van Deusen (Claremont Graduate University)

  • “The Name of the City will be the Lord is There”: The Cartography of Redemption
    Amy Phillips (Saint Louis University)

  • Analyzing the Canon: Pictorial Exegesis of the Law
    Susan L’Engle (Saint Louis University)

Afternoon Break – 3:30pm


Reception – 5:30–7:00pm
Samuel E. Cupples House

Père Marquette Gallery, DuBourg Hall, 2nd flr.

Breakfast – 8:30am

Session IV – 9:00am

Making Manuscripts in Facsimile: History and Technique
Organizer: Gregory A. Pass (Saint Louis University)

Sponsored by the Bibliographical Society of America

  • The Figure versus the Letter: Habits of Mind in Nineteenth-Century Manuscript Facsimiles
    Siân Echard (University of British Columbia)

  • Facsimiles and "Making Like" the Middle Ages in Pre-Raphaelite Art
    Paul Acker (Saint Louis University)

  • Recreating Medieval Manuscripts in the Twenty-First Century: The Art and Science of Making Facsimiles
    Mónica Miró (M. Moleiro Editor)

Morning Break – 10:30am

Session V – 11:00am

Assembling the Truth: Critiquing the Practice of Compilation during the Middle Ages
Organizer: Eric Ramírez-Weaver (University of Virginia)

  • Creating Carolingian Interpretations of the Constellations from Pagan Precursors: Exegetical Emendation in the Paintings and Diagrams of the Handbook of 809
    Eric Ramírez-Weaver (University of Virginia)

  • A Couplet Here, an Image There: The Art of Compilation in the “Hortus Deliciarum”
    Danielle Joyner (University of Notre Dame)

  • Dèjà vu: Repetition and Ambition in a Fourteenth-Century Illuminated Compendium
    Aden Kumler (University of Chicago)

Luncheon – 12:30pm
Grand Hall, DuBourg Hall, 4th flr.

Session VI – 2:00pm

Book Production Practices in Late Medieval and Renaissance Europe: Connecting Material Evidence to a Cultural Production of Objects
Organizer: Melissa Moreton (University of Iowa)

  • Reading Medieval Books in Books
    Elaine Treharne (Florida State University, Tallahassee)

  • Replicating Late Medieval/Renaissance Book Production: Making a Model of the Venetian Manuscript of the Monastery of San Lorenzo
    Melissa Moreton (University of Iowa)

  • Non-destructive Analysis of Fifteenth-Century European Manuscript Paper and its Implications for Understanding the Motivations of Early Book Printers
    Timothy Barrett (University of Iowa)

Afternoon Break – 3:30pm

Session VII – 4:00pm

Near Eastern Manuscripts
Organizer: Sylvie Merian (The Pierpont Morgan Library & Museum)

  • The Nag Hammadi Codices: A Review of the History, Structure, and Present Condition of the Leather Covers and Papyrus Texts
    Julia Miller (Conservator in private practice)

  • Sideways Orientated Images of Eastern Christian and Manichaean Illuminated Manuscripts
    Zsuzsanna Gulacsi (Northern Arizona University)

  • Protection Against the Evil Eye? Votive Offerings on Armenian Manuscript Bindings
    Sylvie Merian (The Pierpont Morgan Library & Museum)

Closing Remarks – 5:30pm