Special Collections

28th Saint Louis Conference on Manuscript Studies


12–13 OCTOBER 2001


Knights Room, Pius XII Memorial Library

Registration and Breakfast – 8:00am

Opening Remarks – 8:50am

Session I – 9:00am

  • Self-Reflecting Images: The Visual Material of Speech and Writing in the Getty Apocalypse
    Jesse Gellrich (Louisiana State University)
  • Bread and Wine: The Wedding at Cana, the Multiplication of Loaves, and Epiphany in Southern Gaul
    Karen Loaiza (State University of New York, Plattsburgh)
  • Holy Books and Holy Blood: Judith of Flanders' Patronage and Manuscript Production at Weingarten Abbey
    Christine Sciacca (Columbia University)

Morning Break – 10:30am

Session II – 11:00am

  • Chapters and Capitula Lists in the Vulgate, ca. 1200-1230
    Laura Light (Houghton Library, Harvard University)
  • Post-Apocalyptic Texts of Anglo-Saxon England?
    M. Jane Toswell (University of Western Ontario)
  • Archbishop Parker and A Testimonie of Antiquitie: Bibliography, Content, and Microfilm
    Kathryn L. Mapstone (Northern Essex Community College)

Luncheon – 12:00pm

Knights Room, Pius XII Memorial Library

Session III – 1:00pm

  • Gregorian Chant in León: The Choir Books of the Real Colegiata de San Isidoro
    James Boyce (Fordham University)
  • Introduction to the Fisher Antiphonary: Toronto, Fisher Rare Book Library, Fisher MS 9255
    Ilana Krug (University of Toronto)
  • Changes in the Mass for the "New Feast of Corpus Christi": 1300–1600
    Vincent Corrigan (Bowling Green State University)

Session IV – 2:00pm

  • Robert of Gloucester's Chronicle and St. Kenelm: The Metrical Evidence of Laud 108 and Cotton Caligula A. xi
    Stefan Jurasinski (Indiana University)
  • Cotton Tiberius B. v: The Schoolbook of a King?
    Harold Zimmerman (Indiana University)
  • Medieval Latin Aristotle Commentaries: Addenda and Biographical Precisions from Oxford, Bodleian Library, Canon. misc. 424 and Florence, BN Centrale, Conv. Soppr. A.5.563
    Steven J. Livesey (University of Oklahoma)

Afternoon Break – 3:30pm


  • Richard H. Rouse (University of California, Los Angeles)
    Commercial Manuscript Producers in Paris and their Clients

Reception – 5:30-7:00pm
Samuel E. Cupples House

Knights Room, Pius XII Memorial Library

Breakfast – 8:30am

Session V – 9:00am

  • Projecting Politics: Illuminating Responses to Dante's Condemnation of Florence, II
    Karl Fugelso (Towson University)
  • The Erosion of Romance from the Vie de sainte Eufrosine
    Amy Ogden (University of Virginia)
  • From Performance to Private Reading: Retracing the Reception of Machaut's Voir-Dit from 1360 to 1430
    Deborah McGrady (Tulane University)

Morning Break – 10:30am

Session VI – 11:00am

  • Manuscript Production in the Monastery of St. Catherine at Mount Sinai during the First Half of the Tenth Century
    Nadezhda Kavrus-Hoffmann (New York, NY)
  • A Survey of Christian Arabic Materials in the Vatican Arabic Collection
    David Vila (John Brown University)
  • Phallic Angels in Sixteenth-Century Paper of Greek Manuscripts in Spain
    Mark L. Sosower (North Carolina State University)

Luncheon – 11:30pm
Knights Room, Pius XII Memorial Library

Session VII – 1:00pm

  • Changing Legal Terminology in Medieval Dated English Private Documents. A Case Study: Quitclaims
    Ágnes Juhász-Ormsby (University of Toronto)
  • Greek Medical Manuscripts: A Computerized Catalogue
    Alain Touwaide
  • The Herbal (bk. 17) of Bartholomaeus Anglicus as a Practical Medical Book
    George R. Keiser (Kansas State University)

Session VIII – 2:00pm

  • A Sermon from Thomas Cromwell's Propaganda Campaign of 153637?
    Francis X. Ryan (John Carroll University)
  • Editing the Synodal Formulae for Ecclesiastical Reunion Contained in Codex Veronensis LX: Problems of Latinity and Problems of History
    Lester L. Field (University of Mississippi)

Afternoon Break – 3:30pm

Session IX – 4:00pm

  • The Text of Aeschylus' Septem adv. Thebas in Cod. Barb. gr. 135 (Se), Cod. Vat. gr. (Sg), and Cod. Vat. gr. 912 (Sn)
    Charles J. Zabrowski (Gettysburg College)
  • Marketing a Medieval Manuscript in the Mid-Nineteenth Century: Chantilly, Musée Condé MS 474
    Karen K. Jambeck (Western Connecticut State University)

Closing Remarks – 5:30pm