Special Collections

18th Saint Louis Conference on Manuscript Studies

11–12 OCTOBER 1991


  • Abstracts: Manuscripta 35 (1991): 163-81

Knights Room, Pius XII Memorial Library

Registration and Breakfast – 8:00am

Session I – 9:00am

  • Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Digby 176: A Fourteenth-Century Oxford Composite Codex of Astrological and Astronomical Works
    Keith Snedegar (Grand Valley State University)
  • Palmistry in Medieval British Manuscripts
    Paul L. Acker (Saint Louis University)
  • Editing the English-Latin Medula grammatice: The Limits of Textual Responsibility
    Vincent P. McCarren (University of Michigan)
  • Illesibras sue carnis: The Grammatical Text in Yale University, Beinecke Library, MS 3.34
    Cynthia R. Bland (Wesleyan University)

Morning Break – 10:30am

Session II – 11:00am

  • The Enigma of Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Laud 108: A Manuscript of The South English Legendary
    Beverly Boyd (University of Kansas)
  • The Riddle of the Scribe and Exeter Riddle 30a/b
    Alger N. Doane (University of Wisconsin)
  • The Growth and Maturity of a Middle English Scribe
    George R. Keiser (Kansas State University)

Luncheon – 12:30pm

Session III – 2:00pm

  • The Autobiography of the Book: The Frontispiece to LeMans, Bibliothèque municipale, Ms. 354
    A. Richard Hartman (Southeastern Oklahoma State University)
  •  The Toller Hours: A Descriptive Analysis of a Late Fifteenth-Century Flemish Illuminated Manuscript Made for Use in England
    Kevin M. Phalen (Saint Louis University)
  • Authenticating Les Revelacions de senta Elizabeth (Cod. Vat. Rossianus 3, ff. 122r-136r)
    Linus J. Thro, S.J. (Saint Louis University)

Afternoon Break – 3:30pm

Session IV – 4:00pm

  • Unpublished Hagiographical Texts in Sarum Breviary Manuscripts
    Sherry L. Reames (University of Wisconsin)
  • The Date of Composition of the Historia de Sancto Cuthberto
    Ted Johnson-South (University of Rhode Island)
  • The Role of Women in the Old Testament Preface of the Queen Mary Psalter
    Anne Rudolff Stanton (University of Texas, Austin)
  • Evidence for a Missing Manuscript Version of De institutione feminae Christianae by Juan Luis Vives
    Elizabeth Patton (Columbia University)

Reception – 5:30-7:00pm
Samuel E. Cupples House

Knights Room, Pius XII Memorial Library

Breakfast – 8:30am

Session V – 9:00am

  • Botticelli's Drawings for Dante's Inferno: Pictorial Contrapasso
    Barbara Watts (Florida International University)
  • Princeton University, MS Fragment 43, and Some Uses of Manuscript Fragments of the Roman de la Rose
    Meradith T. McMunn (Dartmouth College)
  • Tracing Lost Exemplars of the Manuscripts of Giovanni Boccaccio, Teseida
    William E. Coleman (City University of New York)
  • Did Catalan and Aragonese Translators Use the Same Source Manuscript for Their Translations of Brunetto Latini, Li Livres dou tresor?
    Dawn Ellen Prince (Iowa State University)

Morning Break – 10:30am

Session VI – 11:00am

  • Saint Bonaventure, Collationes in Hexaemeron: The Modern History of a Medieval Text
    Richard E. Schlaudroff (Saint Louis University)
  • An Excerpt A of William of Ockham, Dialogus, in the Biblioteca Universitaria de Salamanca and Its Place in the Works of Juan de Segovia
    Jesse D. Mann (University of Chicago)
  • Peter of Auvergne, Quaestiones on the De memoria et reminiscentia and Saint Thomas Aquinas
    Kevin White (Catholic University of America)

Luncheon – 12:30pm

Session VII – 2:00pm

  • The Composite Scholiastic Commentary on Aeschylus, Persae, in Codex Vaticanus graecus 1332 (W)
    Charles J. Zabrowski (Gettysburg College)
  • In divisione orbis terrae: Drawings of the World in Manuscripts of Sallust
    Stephen Schierling (Louisiana State University)
  • Bernardo Moretti, Biographer and Commentator on Ovid
    Frank T. Coulson (Ohio State University)

Afternoon Break – 3:30pm

Session VIII – 4:00pm

  • The Manuscript Tradition of Collections of Biblical Commentaries from Auxerre
    Burton Van Name Edwards (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Romanesque Bible Illumination in the Era of Papal Reform: Some Issues of Book Typology and Patronage
    Larry M. Ayres (University of California, Santa Barbara)
  • The Monastic Library of the Premonstratensian Abbey of Bonne-Espérance in the Romanesque Period
    Gretel Chapman (Southern Illinois University, Carbondale)
  • The Illuminations in the San Marco Manuscripts (Florence, Museo di San Marco) by Don Simone Camaldolese: Reconciling the Document and the Physical Evidence
    Domenico Firmani (College of Notre Dame of Maryland)

Closing Remarks – 5:30pm