Special Collections

17th Saint Louis Conference on Manuscript Studies

12–13 OCTOBER 1990


  • Abstracts: Manuscripta 34 (1990): 201-15

Knights Room, Pius XII Memorial Library

Registration and Breakfast – 8:00am

Session I – 9:00am

  • If Not Alfonso X, Then Who?  In Search of a Sponsor for a Copy of the Libro de las animalias que caçan
    Anthony J. Cárdenas (University of New Mexico)
  • Medieval Commentaries on the Politics of Aristotle: Some Examples
    Lowrie J. Daly, S.J. (Saint Louis University)
  • The Liber satyrarum of Gregorio Correr
    Joseph R. Berrigan (University of Georgia)

Morning Break – 10:30am

Session II – 11:00am

  • Aeschylus, Prometheus vinctus, in Cod. Vat. Reg. gr. 92: Gemellus or Apograph of Florence, Laurentianus 31.38
    Charles J. Zabrowski (Gettysburg College)
  • Cod. Vaticanus latinus 3325 Re-examined for the Text of Sallust
    Stephen Schierling (Louisiana State University)
  • Sozomeno of Pistoia and his Commentaries on Classical Texts
    Maureen B. Ryan (Ohio State University)

Luncheon – 12:30pm

Session III – 2:00pm

  • The Vulnerability of Volvelles in Manuscript Codices
    Laurel Braswell-Means (McMaster University)
  • Visual Narrative Devices Employed in a Twelfth-Century Manuscript of the Dialogues of Gregory the Great from Liège
    Gretel Chapman (Southern Illinois University, Carbondale)
  • Optical Scanning, Computer Image Storing, and Feature Space Analysis as Aids to Paleographical Investigation
    John B. Friedman (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) and Russell Shermer (University of Illinois, Beckman Institute)

Afternoon Break – 3:30pm

Session IV – 4:00pm

  • Forty Years of the Knights of Columbus Vatican Film Library at Saint Louis University
    Patricia K. Nance (Central Missouri State University)
  • The Morgan Manuscript of Marguerite de Navarre's Heptaméron (New York, Pierpont Morgan Library, MS M. 242)
    Betty J. Davis (Arizona State University)
  • Garcilaso de la Vega and Naples Society: Newly Discovered Documentation in Manuscripts of the Vatican Library
    Kenneth Brown (Millikin University)
  • A Law Manuscript of 1588/89 as Autobiographical Source of Shakespearean Plays
    W. Nicholas Knight (University of Missouri, Rolla)

Reception – 5:30-7:00pm
Samuel E. Cupples House

Knights Room, Pius XII Memorial Library

Breakfast – 8:30am

Session V – 9:00am

  • Yale University, Marston MS 213: The St. Florian Missal
    Susan Boynton (Yale University)
  • Miracles and History in British Library, MS Cotton Titus A XIX
    Jeanne Krochalis (Pennsylvania State University)
  • A Newly Acquired Manuscript of the De planctu naturae of Alan of Lille in the Ohio State University Library
    Linda Chamberlain Jones (Ohio State University)

Morning Break – 10:30am

Session VI – 11:00am

  • Botticelli's Drawings for Inferno XII and XII: Dante's Demonic Militia (Berlin-Dahlem, Kupferstichkabinett)
    Barbara J. Watts (State University of Florida, Miami)
  • The Willehalm Master and his Colleagues: Cooperative Manuscript Decoration in Early Fourteenth-Century Cologne
    Joan H. Holladay (University of Texas, Austin)
  • Synchronizing Myth: Transmission and Continuity in "The Judgment of Paris" Episode of the Roman d'Eneas (vv. 92-182)
    Raymond Cormier (Wilson College)

Luncheon – 12:30pm

Session VII – 2:00pm

  • Introduction to a Proposed Edition of the Questiones of John Dymsdale on Books X and XII of Aristotle's Metaphysics
    Linus J. Thro, S.J. (Saint Louis University)
  • Antonius de Carlenis, O.P., on the Subalternation of the Sciences
    Steven J. Livesey (University of Oklahoma)
  • Catalogue of Incipits of Scientific and Medical Writings in Old and Middle English
    Linda Ehrsam Voigts (University of Missouri, Kansas City)

Afternoon Break – 3:30pm

Session VIII – 4:00pm

  • The Rediscovery of Arnulf of Orleans' Glosses to Ovid's Creation Myth
    Frank T. Coulson (Ohio State University)
  • Report on Research into the Manuscript Tradition of St. Thomas Aquinas' Commentary on Aristotle's Meteora
    Kevin White (Catholic University of America)
  • A Medieval Interpretation of Aristotle on Matter in Definitions of Mathematicals
    Charles J. Ermatinger (Saint Louis University)

Closing Remarks – 5:30pm