Special Collections

13th Saint Louis Conference on Manuscript Studies

10–11 OCTOBER 1986


  • Abstracts: Manuscripta 30 (1986): 167-80

Pius XII Memorial Library

Registration and Breakfast – 9:00am

Session A - Vatican Film Library, Pius XII Memorial Library

Session I – 10:00am

  • A Remnant of Claudio Monteverdi's Visit to Rome (Sistine Chapel, Music Codex 107)
    Jeffrey Kurtzman (Washington University)
  • The Solmization Method of Gaspar Stoquerus: The Final Simplification of the Hexachord System (Madrid, Biblioteca nacional, MS 6486)
    Albert C. Rotola, S.J. (Saint Louis University)
  • A Seventeenth-Century Opera Cycle: La Prosperità di Elio Seiano and La Caduta di Elio Seiano
    Craig Monson (Washington University)

Luncheon – 11:30am

Session II – 1:00pm

  • Heinrich Schütz: A New Look at the Documents
    Gina Spagnoli (Washington University)
  • Computer-Assisted Textual Criticism of the Works of Sallust
    Stephen Schierling (Louisiana State University)
  • An Early Fragment of the Commentary of Bede on Luke (Yale 441)
    Thomas Mackay (Brigham Young University)

Afternoon Break – 2:30pm

Session III – 3:00pm

  • Ragman's Roll: From Co-ed French to Unisex English
    Carter Revard (Washington University)
  • Bisinesse: Lexicography and Moral Instruction in Some "Forgotten" Manuscripts of the later Middle Ages
    Michael P. Kuczynski (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
  • Middle English Texts in a Carthusian Miscellany (Westminster Diocesan Archives, MS H.38)
    Sarah M. Horrall (University of Ottawa)

Session B - Knights Room, Pius XII Memorial Library

Session I – 10:00am

  • The Textual Relationship between Two Medieval Spanish Versions of the Book of Moamyn (El Escorial, MS V.II.19, and Madrid, Biblioteca nacional, MS Res. 270)
    Anthony J. Cárdenas (Wichita State University)
  • The Valois Manuscript of Marguerite de Navarre's Heptaméron (Orléans, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 467)
    Betty J. Davis (City University of New York)
  • The Manuscripts of Les Voeux du Héron
    John L. Grigsby (Washington University)

Luncheon – 11:30am

Session II – 1:00pm

  • Chivalric Literature and the Fifteenth-Century English Gentry
    George R. Keiser (Kansas State University)
  • Manuscripts of the Pèlerinages of Guillaume de Guileville in Late Medieval England (New York, Public Library, Spencer MS 19, and Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Laud Misc. 740)
    Eileen M. Bentsen (Pennsylvania State University)
  • New Insights into the Use of Prints in the Style of the Master of the Martyrdom of the Ten Thousand in Late Medieval Devotional Tracts
    Philip E. Webber (Central College, Pella)

Afternoon Break – 2:30pm

Session III – 3:00pm

  • Evangelist Portrait Busts in the Canon Tables of the Vienna Cutbercht Gospels (Wien, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Cod. 1224)
    Susan E. von Daum Tholl (Indiana University, Bloomington)
  • The Palette for Goldsmithwork and Illuminated Manuscripts Used in the Meuse and Related Regions in the Twelfth Century
    Gretel Chapman (Southern Illinois University, Carbondale)
  • Pictorial Convention and Page Design in an Early Tuscan Bible (Florence, Biblioteca Laurenziana, Edili 125/126)
    Timothy Chasson (Grinnell College)

Reception – 5:00-7:00pm
Samuel E. Cupples House


Breakfast – 8:30am

Knights Room, Pius XII Memorial Library

Session IV – 9:00am

  • Investigations into the Commentary on Aristotle's Physics by Jean de Jandun, with Vienna, Dominikanerkonvent, cod. 161/131, and Erfurt, Wissenschaftliche Allgemeinbibliothek, cod. Amplon. F. 337
    Charles J. Ermatinger (Saint Louis University)
  • Ockham Manuscripts Discovered since Completion of the Critical Edition
    Girard J. Etzkorn (Franciscan Institute, Bonaventure University)
  • The Use of a Microcomputer in Editing the De proprietatibus rerum of Bartholomaeus Anglicus
    J.G. Lidaka (Northern Illinois University)

Morning Break – 10:30am

Session V – 11:00am

  • Cataloguing Medieval Manuscripts at Pennsylvania State University
    Jeanne Krochalis (Pennsylvania State University)
  • Sources of the Libellus de deorum imaginibus (Cod. Vat. Reg. lat. 1290)
    William J. O'Neal (University of Toledo)
  • The Failure of the Mystery Plot in Little Dorrit: "So Very Real in Every Respect"
    Joel J. Brattin (Missouri Southern State College)

Closing Remarks – 12:30pm