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Please note, Billiken Bucks are needed to print from the computers in the Pius Academic Technology Commons and at the Medical Center Library.

New Printing Policies for Pius Library and Medical Center Library

While SLU’s printing  demands are large, a necessary balance needs to be maintained between demand and environmental sustainability. SLU’s initiative to become a more economical and efficient campus has brought necessary changes that will result in less paper use and less waste on campus.

In response to SLU’s eco-friendly initiative, you will notice new printers in the Pius and Medical Center libraries and new printing policies.

Printers will now default to double-sided (duplex). While this policy will impact a majority of students, this will be the only significant change in the printing systems. To modify this on a per-print basis, change the preferences within the print menu to be 1-sided instead of 2-sided.

New costs for printing are as follows:

    1-sided black and white printing – $0.10 per side
    2-sided black and white printing – $0.08 per side
    1-sided color printing – $0.20 per side
    2-sided color printing – $0.15 per side

(Note: The blank sides of 1-sided print jobs are not charged)

To print, swipe your SLU ID or copy card at the printer or release station, then select your job on the screen and print it. After the job is printed, be sure to log out.

Thank you for helping SLU to preserve our environment.

Printing without Installation (Black & White Only)

  • To use Web Print, click on this link--
  • Follow the instructions provided on this site.
  • Printers available are: Slu - Pius Black and White and the Slu - MCL Cyber Space Lab.
  • For ease of use, or to print multiple pages, print to PDF first to create the desired format. You can then convert your document to a PDF file.
  • Browsers and Microsoft Office can save to PDF, but if that is not available you can create a PDF using CutePDF.

Printing with Installation (Black & White; Color)

Students can print from their personal computer to one of the networked printers on campus you need to install the printer driver and Pharos software.

The Billiken Print Pop-Up Client is available for student-owned Windows computers and can be downloaded from the following places

If you have questions or need help with software installation, please contact the Student Service Desk at, 314-977-4000, extension 2, or in the Busch Student Center room 137.

Instructions for Connecting to the Wireless

To connect your laptop to SLUusers please see, Configuration Instructions for Billiken Wireless.

Computer Availability

Academic Technology Commons Software Availability Policy

Pius Library has a variety of computers in our Academic Technology Commons. See for a list of available programs.

Laptops are also available for checkout by current SLU students, faculty or staff – see

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