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Plagiarism Prevention for Students

There are many useful resources about plagiarism on the Web. Those listed on this page are examples selected as illustrative of different categories of information. Make sure you know your College's/School's policy about academic integrity and plagiarism. If you are uncertain about what constitutes plagiarism, talk with your instructors; they will be glad to provide clarification for you. Pius Library's research librarians and Writing Services staff also can be resources for you.

Defining Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a difficult concept to define because there are numerous types (e.g., failure to cite sources appropriately, purchasing a paper from a term paper mill) and because some acts of plagiarism are deliberate while others are inadvertent. Listed below are some resources that will help you understand what plagiarism is. However, there is no substitute for knowing the policies that apply specifically to you!

Time Management

Procrastination: Your Worst Enemy!

Use THE ASSIGNMENT CALCULATOR (developed by the University of Minnesota Libraries) to create a personalized timeline to assist you with your research process.

Cool Videos!

Especially for You Visual Learners (But Fun for All)


An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure!

Case Studies

What's Your Opinion?

Style Guides & Manuals

Proper Source Attribution is Key to Avoiding Plagiarism!

Friendly Advice: Online citation creation tools (even those within library databases) are fast but not foolproof. It's your responsibility to make sure your citation formatting is accurate.

  • Style Guides and Manuals -- Tips From the Pros (G. Baugh, Saint Louis University Library)
  • The OWL at Purdue -- Under NAVIGATION, click on Research and Citation to view the Online Writing Lab's list of help sheets.

Quizzes and Self-Tests

How Much Do You Really Know?

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