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The benefits of proactive activities in academic integrity outweigh punitive measures in terms of creating/being a community of scholars. The resources on this site support the teaching and learning endeavors of SLU faculty and students in an effort to help the SLU community foster academic integrity in a positive learning environment.

Academic integrity is a recurring theme in SLU's Five Dimensions and a critical component of preparation for any academic endeavor.

SLU's Statement of Minimum Standards for Student Academic Integrity (2004)

Saint Louis University Partners in Academic Integrity:

About Plagiarism Resources

Pius XII Memorial Library's Plagiarism Prevention Resources Web pages were developed and are maintained by Reference Librarians Martha Allen and Miriam Joseph, PhD, members of the Pius Library Information Literacy Work Group.

The purpose of these pages is to provide SLU faculty and students alike with constructive and, in some cases, very creative, resources that can help frame discussions of plagiarism. Some of the linked resources originate at Saint Louis University; many others were developed by and are available on the Web sites of other institutions.

The non-SLU resources are considered exemplary of the types that might be incorporated into education about plagiarism.


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