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Freshman Writing Program Library Component - Library Instruction

Instructors and Librarian Partners

Every semester, each ENGL 1900 and ENGL 1920 instructor is partnered with a SLU Research and Instruction Librarian who teaches two in-person library instruction sessions for their class and is available for student research counseling appointments. Students may schedule these appointments by contacting their class librarian.

Instructors and Librarian Partners – Spring 2018

Please note that ENGL 1900 and ENGL 1920 students are required to view two online tutorials and take an online library assessment prior to their in-person library instruction sessions. See the Freshman Writing Program Library Component Overview for additional information.

Scheduling In-Person Library Instruction Sessions

Please select possible dates for your class to visit the library and contact your librarian partner early in the semester, as the library classroom schedule fills up quickly. The librarians will try to schedule sessions at the best times for your class, but we may need to compromise on dates. We require that instructors attend the sessions with their students.
To make this the best possible experience for your students, we recommend that you

  • discuss plans for the class with your librarian partner and send them your assignments and syllabus;
  • plan the in-person library instruction session(s) for shortly before students begin work on a project that requires library research (although still schedule the sessions as soon as possible);
  • include your librarian partner’s contact information on your syllabus and online course space;
  • link to Freshman Writing Program Library Component tutorials and other resources from your online course space;
  • link to the appropriate library research guide for your course (ENGL 1900: Advanced Strategies of Rhetoric and Research or ENGL 1920: Advanced Writing for Professionals Research).

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