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Academic Technology Commons

Providing the SLU community an opportunity to learn and interact with the latest technologies. Students, faculty and staff will have access to 3D printers, 360 cameras, recording studios and hologram technology.


Students, faculty and staff can work with University Library and ITS staff to figure out what technology and tools will help them reach their goals. There are no lines at this help desk. Rather, it was designed to be a place to ask questions and quickly find answers.

West Pine Location (ATC)
Lindell Location (Einstein)

Specialized Technology / Visual Presentation

The following service is available:
Mon-Thu - 8:00am-4:30pm
Fri - 8:00am-4:30pm
Sat - 10:00am-4:30pm
Sun - By Appointment Only

Print Studio

  • Hologram projections
  • Laser cutters
  • 3D printers and scanners (PDF)
    Formlabs Form2 SLA printer
    • Desktop stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing available in a variety of resins.
      • Standard resins: $0.25/ml
        • Black, white, gray, clear
      • Durable resin: $0.29/ml
        • A ductile plastic that can flex
      • Flexible resin: $0.32/ml
        • Makes parts that can bend and compress
      • High Temp resin: $0.32/ml
        • Has an HDT of 289°C @
      • Tough resin: $0.29/ml
        • Simulates ABS, less brittle than Standard resins
  • Stratasys Mojo FDM printer

    • Fast fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D Printing
    • Pricing bsed on amounts of ABS and support material used.
      • ABS filament: $0.20/cc
      • Support material: $0.40/cc

    Specific quotes available after loading modesl into printer software, before printing.

ATC Print / Finishing Area

  • Scan slides, images and documents
  • Design and print fliers, brochures and posters
    The Print Studio offers professional grade printing, scanning and finishing options to support student projects, conference presentations and other needs.
  • Advanced Printing (PDF)
    Large Format Poster Printing
    • The ATC Print Workshop has 4 different types of paper available for your artwork or conference posters. We charge by the rolling inch (each inch that is used off the roll to make your print).
      • Semi-gloss Photo ($0.80 / rolling inch)
      • Art Matte ($0.80 / rolling inch)
      • Fabric ($1.00 / rolling inch)
      • Banner ($0.50 / rolling inch)

    Advanced Laser Printing

    • The ATC's digital press can create photo quality images on a variety of papers
    • Pricing for department charges, per side printed
      • Letter plain paper - color:$0.25 - b&w:$0.05
      • Letter cardstock - color:$0.35 - b&w:$0.15
      • Legal plain paper - color:$0.25 - b&w:$0.05
      • Tabloid plain paper - color:$0.30 - b&w:$0.10
      • Tabloid cardstock - color:$0.50 - b&w:$0.30
    • C-folds, Z-folds, booklet folds, stapling, and 3-hole punching is also available
  • Mount photographs and posters
  • Laminate signs, photos, etc...

Audio Visual (Quick Record Studio / Editing Pods)
Loaded with high-quality AV equipment, the Quick Record Studio will allow users to create content for the classroom, homework assignments, interviews and student organization promotions. Editing Pods will include workstations with multiple displays and audio splitters for group work.


  • Open Computer Lab (3rd Floor)
  • Quick Print (Common Area - ATC)
  • Large Format (Print Studio)
  • 3D (Print Studio)

Work Areas

Collaboration Studios
allows groups to brainstorm and create in an adaptable work environment

  • Writable walls
  • Mobile whiteboards
  • Wireless presentation via displays within the space

Idea Labs: Immersive Creativity Studios
This space was designed from the ground up to provide a flexible and creative environment for brainstorming and collaboration

  • Lightweight and movable furniture
  • Floor-to-ceiling whiteboards and embedded touch displays

Space to Create
Designed to be a flexible and innovative resource to support a variety of technology needs and working styles

  • Modular seating options and work areas
  • Charging stations
  • Quick print
  • Computer work stations

General Technology / Policies

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Technology Checkout
  • The Innovation Studio (PDF)
    The Innovation Studio is an academic technology incubator - a place for us to introduce tools that may require extra support or maintenance. As these tools become more mainstream, we plan to move them out of the Innovation Studio and into the ATC at large.

    Then we'll bring new tools in, and learn some more.

    Currently in the Innovation Studio:
    • 3D Printing
      • Formlabs Form2
      • Stratasys Mojo
    • 3D Sanning
      • Einscan-S
      • Structure Scanner for iPad
    • Glowforge laser cutter
    • RealFictionDreamoc HD3 hologram projector
    • NAO from Softbanks Robotics
  • Electronic Communications Devices Policy
  • Food and Drink Policy

Locker Policy


The Academic Technology Commons is happy to provide lockers for secure short-term storage of patrons’ personal items. These lockers are located on the first floor of Pius Library, in the hallway that leads to the Vatican Film Library and public restrooms.

Patrons may store items on a daily basis and should remove all items from their chosen locker when leaving the library. Daily-use lockers will be emptied on a routine basis, which will be announced using the library PA system when possible. The Library reserves the right to check any locker at any time. Any items that are left in a locker and removed will be held in Lost & Found, located at Patron Services near Einstein’s Bagels. Any such items that are not retrieved by the owning patron will be given to DPSEP to be catalogued. The Academic Technology Commons and Pius Library are not responsible for any lost or damaged personal items. For any questions on using a daily locker, please call the Academic Technology Commons Help Desk at 314-977-3103.

Locker Policies

Patrons are encouraged to temporarily store unneeded items in a locker while using the Academic Technology Commons and Pius Library. Perishable food items, or library materials that are not checked out to a patron should never be placed inside the lockers. Any items left in a locker will be placed in Lost & Found as mentioned above, and any food or drink will be disposed of.

Using a Daily Locker

Inside each locker are instructions on how to lock and unlock it by setting a four-digit passcode. All items should be removed from the locker when leaving the building to avoid them being removed and placed into Lost & Found.

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