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Electronic Communication Devices Policy

This Electronic Communications Device Policy is an effort by the library to maintain an environment that is comfortable and conducive to study and research for all users. By promoting responsible behavior, this policy attempts to achieve a balance between our users
needs and our responsibility to those who find the use of these devices to be disruptive.

Electronic Communication Devices

  • Electronic communications devices, such as cell phones and pagers, are permitted in Pius Library. However, they must be used in a way that avoids disturbing other library users.
  • Electronic devices should be turned to silent or vibrate mode when entering the library.
  • Any conversation on a cell phone should be held in an area where conversation will not disturb or distract others.

Thanks for helping make our facilities more inviting by

  • Using electronic communication devices responsibly.
  • Honoring requests for quiet and moving to another location if an unintended disturbance occurs.
  • Reporting any problems that may occur to library staff so they can be addressed immediately.

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