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Exhibit Cases

The following is a list of the exhibit cases in Pius XII Memorial Library. Pictures and brief descriptions are provided for the benefit of the exhibitors. You can request a specific case or cases for your exhibit in the Exhibit Description of the Request Form, but there is no guarantee that you will get that or those case(s). You will be notified via email of your exhibit proposition and the cases available.

Exhibit Case - Wooden Cabinets Exhibit Case - Cherry Trio Exhibit Case - Oak Cabinet
Name: Wooden Cabinets
A, B, C

Location: Level 2, foot of stairs
Footprint (each): 36"x16"
Footprint (total): 108"x16"
Total Height: 90"
Shelf Dimensions: 34"x13"
Height of Vitrine: 69"
Additional Shelves Available: 0
Security: Locks
Name: Cherry Trio
Location: Level 1, West Pine EntranceLeft & Right TowersFootprint: 37¼"x18½"Shelf Dimensions: 34½"x15" Security: Locks being installedNotes: Both have lightsCenter TowerFootprint: 49¼"x25¼" Shelf Dimensions: 47"x21"Security: LockNotes: No lights
Name: Oak Cabinet
Location: Level 2 landingFootprint: 48½"x18½" Total Height: 82"Bottom Shelf Dimensions: 47"x15"Glass Shelf Dimensions: 45"x10"Height of Vitrine: 57"Additional Shelves Available: 0Security: LockNotes: Has light
Exhibit Case - Large Maple Exhibit Case - Blue-White Cabinet Exhibit Case - Black Table
Name: Large Maple Case
Location: Level 2Footprint: 48"x40"Total Height: 78"Bottom Shelf Dimensions: 44"x36"Glass Shelf Dimensions: 46"x17"Height of Vitrine: 59"Additional Shelves Available: 0Security: LocksNotes: Locking cabinet
Name: Blue-White Cabinet
Location: Lower LevelFootprint: 58½"x15¼"Total Height: 80½" Bottom shelf dimensions: 56"x12½"Glass shelf dimensions: 54"x10"Height of Vitrine: 54½" Additional Shelves Available: 1Security: No lock
Name: Black Table
Cases A & B

Location: MovableFootprint: 45"x22"Total Height: 45"Display Surface: 43"x21½" Height of Vitrine: 12"Security: No locks at present; looking into replacementNotes: Matching charcoal-colored foam display surfaces. One case is very wobbly.
Exhibit Case - Wooden Slab Table Exhibit Case - Square Tower Exhibit Case - Blue Pedestal
Name: Wooden Slab Table
Cases A & B

Location: MovableFootprint: 60"x28"Total Height: 39¼" Display Surface: 57½"x26" Height of Vitrine: 9"Security: Locks
Name: Square Tower
Location: MovableFootprint: 24"x24"Total Height: 72"Shelf Dimensions: 22½"x 22"Height of Vitrine: 58½" Additional Shelves Available: 1Security: Lock
Name: Blue Pedestal Case
Location: MovableFootprint: 36"x24"Total Height: 64"Display surface: 34¾"x23" Height of Vitrine: 28½" Security: Vitrine fits onto pedestal without lock. Weight is deterrent.

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