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Pius/Medical Center Libraries Assessment Committee Charge


The Pius/Medical Center Libraries Assessment Committee advises the Libraries' administrations on addressing progress toward library goals with the objective of enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of collections, programs, and services for students, faculty, and staff. The Committee will

  • Work with Pius/Medical Center Libraries' administrations to determine what present goals exist and where the Committee's assessment efforts should be focused;
  • Establish and implement an assessment process and cycle of inquiry for each goal;
  • Advise and assist individual departments, librarians, and staff in their planning, design, and implementation of assessment projects;
  • Perform an annual audit to determine what data is currently collected and how it is being used to support assessment activities; and
  • Promote an awareness of assessment within the libraries by providing a shared platform for library data collected on a regular basis along with information about assessment projects and results.


Pat Gregory, Chair, Ron Crown, Lee Cummings, Judy Geczi, Jonathan Harms, Donghua Tao

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